Your Perverted Therapist

When you talk to people that have troubling issues in their past, it can be very interesting. Sometimes horrifying, but interesting. Some of the men that are my patients have told me very unsettling incidents from their past, and I soon learned the root causes of many fetishes are from past traumatic experiences. Some told me thing that were done to them, and I have to admit, although it can be very wrong to be aroused by a patient baring their soul to you, some of the things they described did turn me on. I can’t let them know this of course, they’d think I was some kind of pervert. Well, I kind of am a pervert in some ways. Aren’t we all?

Sometimes if a patient wasn’t feeling well enough to come for his in person appointment, I’d do a phone appointment with them and of course they couldn’t see me when I’d talk to them this way. More than once as they were relating things to me on the phone, I’d be masturbating in my office as I listened to them. Men that call me have confessed so many incidents over the years, things they’ve never shared with anyone.

One caller told me about how when he was younger he had a paper route and one of the last men on his route was an older man that invited him in one day when it was hot and he always had ice cold pop and snacks ready. Very convenient, hmm? So he went into the neighbors home many times and would have a drink and snacks and then one day the man asked him if he’d ever seen pornography and he said no. So the man brought out a stack of magazines and showed them to the boy and he was in awe at the pictures in the dirty magazines. This was of course many decades before the internet existed.

So soon the man graduated to asking him if he’d ever touched himself and the boy said no, so the older man asked him if he’d like to see how it was done, so he showed him and encouraged the boy to do the same, and of course things quickly evolved from there to blow jobs and hand jobs with the much older man.

Another patient told me how he’d gotten his first job at a service station pumping gas and the other guy that worked there taught him to masturbate and he would have him perform oral sex on him after the station closed before the young man would go home. He spoke fondly back on giving those blow jobs decades ago and how he loved to suck cock to this day in secret from any women he’s ever been involved in a relationship with, which is a very common thing clients tell me.

There’s all sorts of naughty stories like these, some a lot naughtier, that maybe you’d like to hear, or maybe share some of your own similar types of stories about some of your first experiences that were not quite the normal variety that you’d like to share with someone that you still think about to this day, even decades later. It’s incredible how some experiences can have such long lasting effects of men. Ones from so long ago that may have happened only once or a few times, and the people they were with are long dead, yet they think about these things when they masturbate to this day.

Being a phone sex operator has a lot in common with being a therapist. You are listening to people’s intimate problems, many times secret things they’ve never shared. Like a psychiatrist, it really is a privileged relationship. The info shared by a caller will never be used against them, it’s private, so they know they can tell you pretty much anything, no matter how dark, but I do have my limits, so let’s not be too perverted! A patient of mine once had a crush on me and asked if it would be possible for him to masturbate during our sessions as he lay on the couch. I knew it wasn’t really appropriate, but I said yes, feel free to do it. I was amazed at the size of his penis and I had to admit, turned on as he stroked himself in front of me. As soon as the session was over, I locked the door and masturbated myself. I was dripping wet and brought myself to three orgasms. Sometimes the head doctors are as nutty as the patients.

Watching Me Masturbate

Being more mature does not mean having no sex drive. Sometimes it means having to work harder for that orgasm that came so effortlessly in our younger days, but many women that are older now have the time to explore their bodies like never before. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating in many different ways. With my fingers, with the water massager in the shower, with a vibrator, pool jets in swimming pools. There’s so many different ways. Fingers always seemed the most natural way, but as we get older, some of us may lubricate a bit less than before, and a good lube to keep things slick is a must.

Many times callers will confess they will wake up in the middle of the night and masturbate and then go back to bed. That does happen. In the morning, it can almost seem dreamlike and surreal. I have my bottle of lube on the bedside table, easy to access at any time. To reach over in the dark and make my fingertips all slippery and then start to caress my already excited clit feels wonderful. Masturbating on your back can be the most comfortable for some, it is for me, but sometimes laying on your side and just bucking against your own hand can be very arousing as well.

So many callers will say they edge themselves for hours, days or weeks even. Teasing themselves and not allowing themselves to come to orgasm. In the knowledge that when they do finally allow themselves to cum, it will be a blockbuster. All the frustration of bringing yourself to the brink and back again. Many callers ask if I’ve masturbated in front of my man, since most men love to see a woman pleasure themselves. Yes, I honestly think it’s quite educational for the man to watch that. Men don’t know how to read our minds, if they see how you like to be touched by watching you do it yourself, then they will be better able to please you.

Years ago a boyfriend of mine asked rather sheepishly if he could maybe watch me masturbate. It was so cute how he asked, I could see him blushing as he did. I knew he wanted to, but he didn’t want to seem like some kind of pervert. His timid nature was cute at times. I told him yes, he was free to watch as I made myself cum. I didn’t want a spotlight or anything, but there was soft lighting and candles. He pulled a chair in my bedroom closer to the bed. I laid back and raised my knees a bit, my feet on the bed. I caressed the outside of my pussy before opening my lips. I have long nails, and it feels nice to lightly run the nails all over the pubic area.

Slowly teasing myself, I opened my cunt lips. They were already getting moist. I spread myself wide and I could feel his eyes on me. I could hear him breathing a bit heavily. My performance was obviously arousing him. I dipped my fingertips into my pussy, scooping up some wetness to smear it on my clit. It felt so good. I began to slowly buck my hips up and down as I ground my fingers into my clit. My nipples were hard, my breasts shaking a bit as I bucked back and forth. The squeaking of the bed as I rocked back and forth on it made it all the more real as he watched me with rapt interest.

I alternated between making tiny circles and up and down motions on my pussy. I glanced over at him and smiled as I saw he’d taken out his cock and was stroking it up and down in his hand as he watched me masturbate. He was getting close to cumming as I myself was approaching my own orgasm. I love masturbating, but with someone so intently staring at my crotch is a bit nerve wracking. I did understand however he was learning how I enjoyed being touched, and this little educational show and tell would pay off for me later, when it was his turn to touch me and he knew exactly how I liked to be touched. I came and cried out. So did he. It was enough excitement for one night for us both. I do look forward to the next time we get together and I can see how much he learned from our little lesson.

A Visit to the Spa

Now that my husband had given me his permission to play with anyone I’d like, I feel as though a great gift has been given to me. I can just be natural and free and see where experiences take me. On the recommendation of a girlfriend, I booked a massage at a new spa in town. I hadn’t had many massages, but if she raved about it so much, I figured I should try it as well. I got undressed and hopped up onto the table. The room was dimly lit with lovely, fragrant candles lit and soft New Age type music playing with pan flutes and chimes and no particular melody. There was a lovely atmosphere here and I was happy to just relax and enjoy myself for the day getting pampered. My husband peter made a great living and we were well off, so days at the spa were no worry whatsoever.

I was laying face down and heard the door close. A man that introduced himself as Sven. He pulled down the sheet that was partially covering me, leaving only my buttocks covered and I heard him opening a snap top bottle of oil and then rubbing his hands together before rubbing it all over my back and shoulders. It felt wonderful, just divine. I was relaxing so well and so thoroughly, I thought I might fall asleep. I had my eyes closed and was just enjoying the sensations. He worked my back, shoulders, legs and feet before having me flip over. I lay there and he asked if I was modest and cared about the sheet, as it was just as easy if it was out of the way. I didn’t care, so he tossed it aside. He worked those strong hands all over my body. He asked if it was ok to do my breasts, not all women are ok with that, so he wanted to check first. I said it was fine.

He massaged them and oiled them and my body was soon betraying me and my nipples were getting hard. He toyed with them a bit and when I didn’t stop him, he continued to go further than perhaps some women would want. He massaged my belly and my upper thighs and hips and he lightly grazed my pussy lips with his hand, as if by accident. He didn’t come right out and ask, but my parting my legs to give him easy access gave him the go ahead he needed to proceed. It’s not just men that get happy endings to their massages.

He drizzled some oil down my slit and then began to slowly and careful massage my pussy lips from the outside. I was in heaven. He worked his skillful hands all over me and then finally dipped his fingers into my wetness. He smeared the wetness from my pussy and the oil together and caressed my clit up and down until I was breathing nice and heavy. I knew he was not going to start moving quickly, nor did I want him to. He went slow and easy and alternated the pressure of how he touched me, firmly then gently, almost to a tickle like touch and then firm again. He found out which sort of touch I best responded to and then he repeated it over and over and I was practically writhing there on the table as he rubbed me to orgasm. I knew I had to remain quiet, since I didn’t want other spa clients hearing me cum, that wouldn’t have exactly been appropriate, but in all likelihood they too were having their own happy ending massages, but we all had to be discreet about it and just bite our lips and enjoy the sensations.

I loved it, and he made me feel so good, needless to say I gave him a generous tip and would be sure to return there and recommend the spa to all my friends. I then slipped into the adjoining bathroom and had a long, hot shower and left there feeling like a million bucks. I practically purred as I drove myself home. I was sure to tell my husband Peter al about my spa adventures when I got home and I know he loved hearing every sinful detail of my visit.

How Small is It?

One kind of call that is a favorite of mine is small penis humiliation. The second boyfriend I ever had was sadly not well endowed. He lacked confidence because of this. He was a good looking man, had a lot going for him, most women would have considered him everything they ever wanted. Until they’d see him naked. When someone says size doesn’t matter, they are lying. It does. There’s no way a two or three inch penis is going to satisfy a woman like a seven inch one. It’s just not happening. Then they do their song and dance about how fantastically gifted they are at oral sex. That is important yes, but it’s still not going to make up for a lack of a normal sized dick.

Imagine oral sex as the appetizer and intercourse as the main entree. When a guy has a tiny penis and is great at oral sex, you will be expected to live off of a diet of appetizers only. There will never be an entree. So a lot of women are simply going to turn towards another man with a normal or larger than normal sized dick. It’s pretty clear to understand why, so many guys with a little dick then find themselves in the role of a cuckold. They often go hand in hand.

The stories men have shared about how their lives could have been different if only they had a normal sized dick, it’s sad honestly. One story of rejection after the next, until it all becomes so familiar it’s all they know and are comfortable with. This boyfriend I had was great at licking pussy, there’s not a doubt about it. He would make me cum and cum and cum some more with his head buried between my thighs. He’d suck my clit and bring me to the brink of orgasm again and again, I was driven wild with his magic, flickering tongue.

Another man started showing interest in me though and it wasn’t long until he turned my head. He was well endowed, and it had been a while since my pussy had been stretched. You can’t really feel something three inches going inside of a wet pussy. “Is it in yet?” The familiar question so many guys with little dicks have been answering for most of their lives. Yes, it’s in, it’s just so small, we aren’t aware of it.

Then we’ve got the double whammy many with tiny dicks have, a premature ejaculator. Not all are like that of course, but many are. Some callers have said if they last ten seconds it’s a good showing for them. So a little dick and a two pump chump rolled into one. I had one last week like that. The first thing I asked him was did he have a lady, he said yes, he was married even. Then I asked if he made a lot of money. That was the equalizer. Yes. If a guy makes a lot of money, it won’t matter how ugly, short, fat, bald, or tiny dicked he is, he will have his choice of golddiggers. So guys, if you have a tiny dick, you need to make a lot of dough, or else the ladies have no need for you whatsoever.

Now you might get the trophy wife, but she’s likely still gonna fuck other guys, a girl needs some dick after all! Cuckolds come in many different types. Some want to merely hear about their wives “dates” with other men. That’s enough for them. Others would like to be downstairs or in the next room and hear the moans and groans and squeaking beds. Some want to watch. Others want to get right in there and suck the guys cock to get it hard for their woman and then lick out the cum afterwards. So many different levels and needs for this crew.

Do you like to be called a failure in the bedroom and told what a loser you are? Does it make your little pee pee get all rock hard and stand up at attention, even if it’s only the size of a peanut? I am more than happy to laugh at you and your shortcomings. Small penis humiliation is one of my favorite calls. So many men deserve to be belittled and ridiculed. No doubt you also have loads of stories to share of your decades worth of humiliating experiences. I’m happy to listen to all of them.

Pearl Necklace Expert

I developed early, you can tell by the size of my breasts they are quite large. I always had boys interested in me because of them. I started to wear a bra early and was teased because of my big boobs, but the same boys that were teasing me a few years before were now asking me out in the hopes they could get their mitts on them. One of the first things I did sexually was give a titty fuck. I wasn’t ready to actually fuck yet, but I would allow a boy to place his hard cock between my big knockers.

I remember when I was in school the first boy I’d gone out with asked me if he could do that. I didn’t see the harm in it, so I said ok. We’d gone out to see a movie and grabbed some pizza afterwards. We went back to his place and he invited me down to the basement. His parents were upstairs and he said they left him alone when he was down there, even if he had friends over, so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I was a bit nervous, I’d only kissed before and given a hand job once.

We were on the couch and he had MTV on the television playing low and we were kissing and soon his hand sneaked under my sweater and he soon got my nipples hard by playing with them. I removed my green angora sweater that matched my eyes, and he unhooked my large bra and cast it aside. I’d been running my hand over his crotch through his jeans and I could tell he was so hard. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and slipped him out of them, his boxer shorts were sporting a pretty good sized tent in front of me.

He told me to take my tits in my hands, ease them apart a bit while he got his cock between them and then close them around his dick. He then started to pump and thrust between my tits and he began to moan a bit as he did so. He was fucking my huge tits. The engorged head of his cock was coming up right underneath my chin with each pump of his cock, but I wasn’t ready to give a blow job just yet. His freely flowing precum was smearing all over my tits and chest. My hard nipples were grazing his cock and it felt nice, it was a nice sensation to have them pulled that way with each pump of his cock between them.

I still remember the video that was playing on MTV as I gave that titty fuck, “How Do You Talk To An Angel,” I always think of that night in the basement whenever I hear that song come on. I was sitting on the edge of the sofa, he was standing and kind of crouching, standing with his feet far apart, his hands on my shoulders as he fucked my huge tits. He said something that made me laugh. He told me the only thing that could make it better would have been if I had milk in my breasts and it would ooze all over his dick. I laughed and said no chance of that, but it’s something other guys have mentioned over the years as well. The big tits fetish and breast milk fetish often go hand in hand. Not always, but sometimes.

I was about to receive my very first “pearl necklace.” The year before in school a boy that sat near me told me his friend wanted to give me a pearl necklace and I had no idea what he meant, but didn’t want to appear unknowledgeable about it, so I just said, “oh, that’s nice.” LOL, I must have sounded like an idiot, since if you knew what it meant, you’d not likely reply back with that response! Here I thought this boy I barely knew wanted to give me a piece of jewelry, Lord, was I clueless! Now my boyfriend said he was about to cum, about to squirt all over my tits and ‘give me a pearl necklace.’ All of a sudden the lights went on from the remark the year before and I giggled. I got it, globs of cum all over my tits, neck and throat. It wasn’t so bad, but he sure liked it. I went to the powder room to clean up and went home soon after. Thinking I was now a “pearl necklace expert.”