Watching Me Masturbate

Being more mature does not mean having no sex drive. Sometimes it means having to work harder for that orgasm that came so effortlessly in our younger days, but many women that are older now have the time to explore their bodies like never before. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating in many different ways. With my fingers, with the water massager in the shower, with a vibrator, pool jets in swimming pools. There’s so many different ways. Fingers always seemed the most natural way, but as we get older, some of us may lubricate a bit less than before, and a good lube to keep things slick is a must.

Many times callers will confess they will wake up in the middle of the night and masturbate and then go back to bed. That does happen. In the morning, it can almost seem dreamlike and surreal. I have my bottle of lube on the bedside table, easy to access at any time. To reach over in the dark and make my fingertips all slippery and then start to caress my already excited clit feels wonderful. Masturbating on your back can be the most comfortable for some, it is for me, but sometimes laying on your side and just bucking against your own hand can be very arousing as well.

So many callers will say they edge themselves for hours, days or weeks even. Teasing themselves and not allowing themselves to come to orgasm. In the knowledge that when they do finally allow themselves to cum, it will be a blockbuster. All the frustration of bringing yourself to the brink and back again. Many callers ask if I’ve masturbated in front of my man, since most men love to see a woman pleasure themselves. Yes, I honestly think it’s quite educational for the man to watch that. Men don’t know how to read our minds, if they see how you like to be touched by watching you do it yourself, then they will be better able to please you.

Years ago a boyfriend of mine asked rather sheepishly if he could maybe watch me masturbate. It was so cute how he asked, I could see him blushing as he did. I knew he wanted to, but he didn’t want to seem like some kind of pervert. His timid nature was cute at times. I told him yes, he was free to watch as I made myself cum. I didn’t want a spotlight or anything, but there was soft lighting and candles. He pulled a chair in my bedroom closer to the bed. I laid back and raised my knees a bit, my feet on the bed. I caressed the outside of my pussy before opening my lips. I have long nails, and it feels nice to lightly run the nails all over the pubic area.

Slowly teasing myself, I opened my cunt lips. They were already getting moist. I spread myself wide and I could feel his eyes on me. I could hear him breathing a bit heavily. My performance was obviously arousing him. I dipped my fingertips into my pussy, scooping up some wetness to smear it on my clit. It felt so good. I began to slowly buck my hips up and down as I ground my fingers into my clit. My nipples were hard, my breasts shaking a bit as I bucked back and forth. The squeaking of the bed as I rocked back and forth on it made it all the more real as he watched me with rapt interest.

I alternated between making tiny circles and up and down motions on my pussy. I glanced over at him and smiled as I saw he’d taken out his cock and was stroking it up and down in his hand as he watched me masturbate. He was getting close to cumming as I myself was approaching my own orgasm. I love masturbating, but with someone so intently staring at my crotch is a bit nerve wracking. I did understand however he was learning how I enjoyed being touched, and this little educational show and tell would pay off for me later, when it was his turn to touch me and he knew exactly how I liked to be touched. I came and cried out. So did he. It was enough excitement for one night for us both. I do look forward to the next time we get together and I can see how much he learned from our little lesson.